2022 Trending Exam Wishes for Lover

Wishing your lover good luck in their exams is worthwhile, it shows that you really love and care about them specially as they sit for it.

You don’t have to style it into too much perfection, what’s important is that you convey your message which is a Goodluck wish to that special someone.

But then you have to get the right words to use too, as it is the love of your life you’re sending it too, not just an ordinary friend.

The wishes compiled here can be used to express and communicate your love and at the same time boost the confidence of your lover as they go for that examination.
Of course, these messages are to be sent before they undertake the examination. So that they are inspired and motivated to put in their best not to disappoint you.
These messages of 2022 Trending Exam Wishes for Lover may be handwritten as a note, sent as a text, printed on a postcard and in other ways that you feel will make the love of your life happy and at the same time surprised.

Exam Success Wishes Messages for Him or Her

There’s I romance as accurate as when you have an all-round feelings of love for your lover. Today, as a proof of love, you want to tell him or her that you care by sending any of these exam wishes for Lover to them. Wish your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, with the best of Exam success wishes messages.
1. As you set out to go for that examination today, I only wish you the best of lucks and success in this examination.

2. If there’s anything I’m confident of, it’s the fact that you’re going to come out in flying colours in this examination. You have proven yourself over and again that you can do well with good efforts.

3. You’re not only beautiful but also very intelligent, you know I’m always confident of your abilities to floor any examination. Good luck to you as you go.

4. I don’t mind repeating it over and again that I love you and I’m sure you’ll do well in this exam. Best wishes my love.

5. For this examination, I pray that God will favour you beyond measure. I love you dearly. Success in your exams today.

6. I always love you and I wish you success in this examination. You’re the best and you deserve just that!

7. Good news awaits you immediately after this examination, you know I’m always confident of your ability to do well. I love you, baby, best of luck.

8. Success will always come to those who labour and wait. My wishes are that you will pass these exams in flying colours. I love you, dear.

9. I wish you best of luck and opening of great opportunities for you in this forthcoming exams. Remember that I love you always and I believe in your abilities.

10. I don’t have to ask how ready you are for your exams, I’m confident you’ll pass your papers. Best of luck sweet

11. My wishes for you are success and more success. You know I’m always proud of you darling and I know you’ll always make me so.

12. You’re one of the few most intelligent people on Earth and I am super proud of the fact that you’re my love. I wish you success in this forthcoming exams.

13. Wishing you the best of luck in this exam baby, may you be rewarded by God with excellence.

14. Every if your hard work will be pathways to success. I wish you the best of luck in this examination, my love.

15. Your examinations are here again and I want to wish you my darling all the best. May your hard work be crowned with success.

16. After your examination, best wishes follow you. Congratulations already as I’m confident you’ll do well in this exams darling.

17. Among your peers, you’ll stand out in this examination. You know I can’t wait to celebrate your success. Best of luck darling.

18. I’m sending my love accompanied by good wishes and best of luck for the examinations ahead of you. I love you dear and my thoughts are with you.

19. I pray that you’ll stand out in that examination baby, success is yours always. Always remember that I love and I’ll always pray for you.

20. Beyond your expectations, I wish you success in your exams today. You’re a star, never forget that.

21. I’ve never for once doubted your abilities to do well in examinations, you’re my soulmate so I know you perfectly. Best of luck baby.

22. You have always God success potentials in you. I’m confident you’ll ace this examination darling, best of luck to you.

23. I pray for you outstanding and superb excellence in this examination darling.

24. Congratulations are in order as you start your examinations darling, I’m confident you’ll do a great job.

25. I am sending you my heartfelt best wishes in your examinations. I pray you’ll come out in flying colours my love.

26. I’m confident that you, my darling will definitely come out in your exams victorious. You’re a genius, don’t ever doubt that.

27. You’ve prepared very hard for this examination, now is the time to go into it and ace it all. I trust you to do well baby, best of luck to you.

28. Won’t be surprised if you perform even beyond expectations in his examinations my love, you deserve it. Best of luck to you.

29. Sit for that examination with all the confidence you’ve got as I’m sure you’re ready for it. Best of luck darling.

30. Don’t forget to give this coming examination your best shot, you’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain for it, baby. I love you and I wish you success.

31. Beyond imagination, you’ll excel in that examination. I have great faith that you’ll do well. Best of luck to you my darling.

32. More than anything, I love to see you grow and break boundaries. I love you, baby, I wish you success in these exams.

33. Drop every anxiety you may have, you’re stronger than it all baby. My best wishes are with you as you go to sit for these exams.

34. You, my darling, are the best in everything you set your heart on, I don’t doubt your success in this exam. I know you will do your best.

35. You’ve studied hard and now what’s next is to walk into that exam with all your confidence. I’m sure you’ve aced it already darling.

36. You’ve worked so hard my love, I pray for you nothing but success and good luck in your examination.

37. Everyone knows you are the best student out here, just give this examination your best and you’ll be having good news. Take care sweet.

38. I’m sure of one thing, and that is you won’t let us all down, I am sure you will do fine. Best wishes to you, baby.

39. Good and excellent luck to you dear, receive strength and wisdom that you need for your examination. Don’t forget that I’m always praying for you.

40. As you get ready to write your exam, I wish you best success and good luck follow you.

41. Don’t give room to anxiety or fear, you’re more than it. You know I believe in you always darling, best of luck to you in this exams.

42. More than anything, I believe strongly that you’ll come out with flying colors at the end of the day. All the best my love.

43. I’m very confident that you’ll make it. Believe in yourself as you get ready for the exams. Good luck in your exams.

44. Hey baby, I want you to know that nothing can hinder you from achieving success. All the best for your exams. I know you’ll make us all proud.

45. Best wishes from me as you commence your exams, I wish you success, sweetheart.

46. All you need is to give these exams your best shot and stay focused, you’ll be surprised at how well your results will come out. You know I’m always proud of you, baby.

47. This is to my beautiful, intelligent and sweet lady, I’m always proud of you baby girl, so go out there and claim your success in those exams.

48. I hope you’re not too stressed out from all the reading and studying, you know I wish I could do that for you. Take care of yourself, baby and I wish you success in these exams.

49. Your efforts of all-night reading and studying will be crowned with good success baby. I believe in you sweetheart, so go out there and make us all proud like you always do.

50. You’re marked out for success baby, I hope you’ll never forget that. Go into that examination with the confidence that excellent results await you.

51. You’re not like everyone, my love, you won’t struggle to excel in this examination. Don’t forget that I love you, always.

52. I wish I could get through to you as often as I want to but then I am seriously praying for your success in this exams darling. I miss you.

53. I wish I could be there to study with you for your exams baby. I don’t like to see you stressed but then, I’m sure you’ll make us all proud in this examination.

54. I pray that you will enjoy God’s favour even more than you always have. Don’t forget that I love you and I’m praying for you.

55. In your forthcoming exams, everything will work together for your good, and success with be recorded for you darling. Best of luck.

56. My most beautiful and amazing woman is getting ready to make me proud once again. Best of luck in these exams baby.

57. I have never underrated your ability to do us all proud sweetheart, I wish you excellence and perfection as you write this examination.

58. I will be outside here cheering you on and praying for your success baby, go into that examination and make me proud. Don’t forget that I love you.

59. More than anything, I’m sure that you’ll make me proud of your excellent results once more baby. I love you my pumpkin, best of luck.

60. Baby, you know you can’t let me down, because you never have. Go into that examination with your confidence darling. I love you.

61. I’m here always my love, praying for your success. Best of luck to you.

62. You always excel effortlessly and I’m sure this time is not an exception. Best of luck to you my love.

63. Good luck to you my good luck charm. I love you, baby.

64. You know that I’m always super proud of you darling, not only are you beautiful but your intelligence humbles me always. Best of luck to you sweetheart.

65. Go ahead and shine baby, you can do it. Best of luck to you.

66. I don’t have to remind you to do well, you always do sweetheart and that’s one of the reasons I’m proud of you always.

67. Hey darling, you owe me and I want it in the form of your success in this examination.

68. I wish you success, baby, I love you so so much.

69. These exams are making me missing you terribly but then I’m looking forward with great enthusiasm to your results as they always make me happy.

70. You’ve studied well, now it’s time to go out there and ace your papers conveniently. I love you, baby, best of luck.

71. Hi Sweetheart, I’m sure you gonna do me proud, my brilliant princess.

72. Just concentrate on your exams and do well as you always do. I love you my gold.

73. Study well, eat well, sleep well and don’t forget to pray. Success is yours my darling.

74. I trust that you will come out with excellent results. Keep doing us all proud. Don’t forget that baby loves you.

75. Do you know you’re always amazing and wonderful? As these exams approaches go and win again. I love you sweet.

76. The Lord will be with you and direct your oaths as you start your exams. I miss you my love but more than anything, I wish you success.

77. All the best to you sweetheart, don’t forget to do your best and leave the rest as God’s got you.

78. Start your exam with the hope for great success. I’m praying for you darling. Best wishes to you.

79. I don’t want to wish you luck, I’ll rather wish you all the best you crave for. Success is yours, my love.

80. You are a success already my love, just believe. I wish you all the best.

81. You are a combination of beauty and brain. I trust you’ll make me proud once again. Good luck with your exams sweetheart.

82. You know I always say that I’m lucky to have you. Your brilliance always awes me and I’m super proud of you.

83. I’ve prayed for you baby, just go into the exam Hall and do your best as God’s got you.

84. It’s another time for you to make me proud like you always do, best wishes to you sweetheart.

85. You are more than capable to crush those questions, I trust you so much in that. Good luck my love.

86. Nothing beats my conviction that you’ll do us all proud in this examination again. So, here is me wishing you good luck!

87. I wish you retentive memory and success, my love.

88. You know you always mean so much to me and your success also. I love you my heartbeat.

89. I wish you all the best in your upcoming exams. I love you, my love.

90. Your best is here already, go into the examination and make us all proud pumpkin.

91. You are excellence personified, so honoured there and prove it to us all in this exams. I love you, darling.

92. Go out there and bring success to us here. Best of luck to you sweetheart.

93. As you prepare for your exams, I wish you wisdom, knowledge and retentive memory darling. I love you and I’ll keep praying for you sweet.

94. Happy studying and preparation for your exams sweetheart.

95. You know I love you beyond words, the reason I’ll keep praying for you to you bring to us success from your exams.

96. I’m sending my warm wishes to you as you prepare for your exams. You’re in my mind always and I wish you all the best.

97. I wish you favour and success in this forthcoming exams baby.

98. This is me wishing you nothing but a huge success in your exams. I Love you.

99. You’re distinct and excellent. You are a success, my love. I wish you the best in your exams sweetheart.

100. Be sure that I’m praying for you and your exams darling. I wish we could study together. I love you, sweetheart.

101. Your success is not far away, just go ahead and have fun with your exams. I love you girl.

102. Your exams are here baby and don’t forget that it’s an opportunity to move to the next level. Best of luck sweets.

103. I wish you good memory and amazing comprehension in this examination. Don’t forget that I love you so much.

104. You’re an excellent being you don’t have to be afraid because success is yours already. Blessings in your exams.

105. I believe in you sweetheart, so you just have to believe in yourself and do us all proud. All the best in these exams my love.

106. I can’t even call or talk to you as much as I want to. I can’t wait to hear the good news of an amazing result. I miss you baby, but more importantly, best of luck in your exams.

107. The Lord bless you with retentive memory darling. I’ll always pray for you.

108. Excellence, wisdom, understating and retentive memory are my wishes for you as you start your examinations.

109. God is with you, go ahead and have the best of luck in your exams, my love.

110. I pray for you the grace to read, pass and excel in your examination. All the best my love!

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