Sweet Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

Long distance away from special people, especially someone as special as a boyfriend, can be plain annoying and frustrating.

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But even long distance shouldn’t dampen your spirits on his special day. Hence, here’s a birthday wishes for boyfriend long distance relationship. The messages could also help maintain the sparks in your relationship. 

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Happy Birthday Messages for Boyfriend Long Distance

Romantic birthday messages for boyfriend long distance, sweet happy birthday sms for boyfriend far away.

1. I’m having mixed emotions right now. I’m glad that you’re alive and kicking, but I’m also sad that we don’t get to spend this birthday together. My only consolation now is that there’ll be other ones. I love you, boyfriend; happy birthday.

2. You’ll always be my Superman and my special man. I can’t wait to celebrate the next birthday with you. I love you, darling.

3. You’ll always be the one for me; the only one for me as a matter of fact. And even though I wish we could be together today, it won’t stop me from wishing you a wonderful birthday. I love you, babe.

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4. I refuse to let thoughts of the long distance dampen my happiness that today is another new year for you. So sugar, happy birthday. Long life, prosperity and more bucks. Your girlfriend loves you.

5. Honestly, I really wish there was some way you could be working from home; I hate this distance between us. But happy birthday, my lover and best friend. May this New Year be everything you hoped it would be. I love you.

6. I made sure to do everything possible to stay awake, so I can be the first to wish you a happy birthday. Sweetheart,

7. Even with the distance and all, I still love you fiercely. May this year be a great one for you. Happy birthday.

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8. Birthdays are special days, and I’m super glad that we get to mark this one as lovers. Happy birthday, babe. I’m in love with you.

9. I already sent you a package; please, my man deserves the best of things. But this is just to wish a happy birthday, again. And to tell you how much I love you.

10. I’ve been in love with you even before you asked me to be your woman; it’s been months already, and the feeling hasn’t changed one bit. So, happy birthday, my long distance boyfriend.

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11. You better get back home soon.
I didn’t know that I could be this expressive of my feelings. But I know why now; you make it easy to love you. Happy birthday, dear.

12. I pray that all your dreams and aspirations would come to pass this New Year; you’ll always have cause to be grateful. Happy birthday, honey. I love you.

13. There’s nothing I want more than to be your wife too. I love you, sugar; and here’s to a wonderful new year ahead of you. Happy birthday.

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14. You found me and held on even when I was too distracted to notice. You’ve been an anchor and a source of inspiration. Today is another big day in your life, and I’m super grateful that I’m your woman. Happy birthday, love.

15. I know that with every New Year that comes, we go close to the grave. But what the heck? We are still going to celebrate well, and be thankful to be alive. Happy birthday, boyfriend. PS; I need you home soon.

16. Today, I don’t want you thinking of the very many things that have gone wrong. I want to concentrate on life instead; I want you to concentrate on your many blessings, which includes me by the way. And I know that you’ll do better this year. Happy birthday, dear.

17. I really wish I could give you a warm hug today, but distance isn’t letting us shine. Anyways, here’s a virtual hug and kiss; and to wishing you an amazing year ahead. Happy birthday, boo.

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18. I’m still hurt that you had to go away for work reasons, but I choose not to dwell on that. So, happy birthday, darling. May your years be long, and may your account be really fat.

19. I know we’re not together today, but I definitely have something special waiting for whenever you get back. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

20. I’ve had time to reminisce on how much of a blessing you’ve been to me. And I really hope I’ve been a blessing to you too. Happy birthday, love.

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21. I know we’re not together today, but you’re never away from my heart. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

22. I can’t help but smile at the beautiful memories of us together. Happy birthday, dear. Be safe.

23. I’m so sorry that you had to leave with so much tension between us. I really hope we can sort this out and move ahead. Happy birthday and I love you.

24. When I think of you, all I see in my mind’s eye is your smile. I really can’t wait to see you again. Happy birthday.

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25. I really hope that you get back home soon. I’ve missed you too much. Happy birthday.

26. You’ll always be enough for me. You make me really happy, honey. I want you to be convinced of this because it’s the truth. Happy birthday.

27. I know we’ve had a lot to deal with this period. But I also know that we’ll be fine, and we’ll come out better and stronger. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

28. I can never manage you, and this is because you’re good enough for me, and you deserve all the loving you get. Happy birthday, darling.

29. I know I’ve had to go away a lot this period, and I’m really sorry that I’m not there with you today. But I’ll make it up to you. I love you, sugar. Happy birthday.

30. You’ll always have a special place in my heart; irrespective of the distance and all. Happy birthday, love.

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31. I want you to know that I’ve never regretted being your girlfriend. I understand that you have to go to work, and even if I don’t like the long distance, there are no regrets. Happy birthday, love.

32. I need you to know that I’m super glad to be your girlfriend; I know the New Year will be full of growth for us. Happy birthday.

33. I really wish I could give you warm hugs and kisses, but see what long distance is doing to us. Anyways, happy birthday, love. You’ll always be the best thing that happened to me.

34. Being your girlfriend gives me so much happiness and light. I pray that this New Year be a good one for you.

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35. May your path be smooth always; may the tide always be in your favor. Happy birthday, dear.

36. Being in your arms is being home; I really can’t wait for us to see again. happy birthday, lover-lover.

37. Rest assured that I will celebrate your birthday whenever you get back home. Happy birthday, my lover.

38. You’re still the best boyfriend ever; happy birthday, dearie.

39. I have so many good wishes for you today, but amongst them is that I wish you’ll have more time to enjoy all you’ve worked for. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

40. I pray that this birthday be everything you hoped it would be. I love you, darling.

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41. You give me so much comfort and joy, and I really hope you have an amazing year. Happy birthday, boo.

42. This is me sending you all my love and good wishes even if we’re not together today. Happy birthday, honey.

43. I know I’ve been texting all day, but I don’t care. I’ll keep sending texts of how much I love you. Happy birthday again, love.

44. You’re the perfect boyfriend. May this New Year be as perfect. I love you, darling.

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45. When I met you, I met gold. I really prayed we’d spend your special day together, but I know there’ll be other special days. Happy birthday, love.

46. I’m still drunk with loving you; it’s been months but I’m still drunk. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

47. You’ve been nothing short of a solid rock and help since I met you. And I’m really glad you get to mark this New Year with me as your girlfriend. Happy birthday, love.

48. With you, life has been nothing short of amazing. May your years be long and joyful. I love you, boyfriend.

49. I know I’m in love with you like mad; I won’t try to hide this for whatever reason. And I’m hoping that this year be a good for you. Happy birthday, long-distance boyfriend.

50. I’ll keep the texts and calls rolling in today; it’s your special day, and you deserve all the good wishes. Happy birthday, darling.

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51. I miss you, boyfriend. Happy birthday too. May your dreams come to reality. I love you.

52. I swear you do crazy things to me, boyfriend. Even though I wished we’d spend today together, I’m still glad that we’re alive and bubbling. Happy birthday, love.

53. You’ll always have my heart; I know nothing can change this, not even distance. Happy birthday, love.

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54. I’m grateful for the chance to love you in my lifetime; I really am. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

55. I’ll never get tired of loving you the right way. Happy birthday, boo.

56. I already got your presents; you deserve more, please. But you’ll only get them when you get back so, hurry home already. Happy birthday.

57. You would have gotten plenty kisses today, but you decided to choose work instead. Don’t panic; I’m still in love with you. Happy birthday, dearie.

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58. You’ve made me safe with you; I’m really glad at the beautiful place you’re steering us to. Happy birthday, boyfriend of life.

59. I know we still have forever to live; that’s why I’m not bothered that we can’t be together today. Happy birthday, darling.

60. I thought the magic we make when we’re together would fade, but it’s been months, and the magic hasn’t even dimmed one bit. Happy birthday, sweety

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61. When I contemplate on the things I’ve achieved this year, you’ll be the first thing I’ll mention. Happy birthday, love. You’re blessed and favored.

62. When you hold me, my world is all right. I really can’t wait for you to get back. Happy birthday, love.

63. Here’s wishing the most wonderful boyfriend in the world a happy birthday; and praying that his days on earth will be long and fruitful. Happy birthday, sugar. Come home soon.

64. My heart is ablaze with loving you. And even if we can’t spend your birthday together because of the distance, I know there’ll be more special days ahead of us. Happy birthday, love.

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65. I pray that this year be filled with the most wonderful experiences you’ve ever had. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

66. There’s nothing about you that isn’t attractive. And I pray for long life for you, so that I can get to enjoy you fully. Happy birthday, honey.

67. Honestly, I’m super proud of all the things you’ve achieved in your life. And I pray that this New Year will be filled with so much joy and happiness for you, love. I adore you.

68. Its another new year for you, and I know you’d totally slay and kick more ass. Happy birthday, my boyfriend that doesn’t want to come home.

69. I’ve got so many reasons to be thankful today; my heart is full of joy that it’s another new year for you. And I really can’t wait for all I know you’d achieve. Happy birthday, love.

70. Thank you for working so hard so I can be this happy and healthy; I’m so happy that our future family will be safe with you. Happy birthday, love.

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71. When work takes you away from me, I know it’s because of our sake that you answer. Happy birthday, darling. I’m definitely giving you a birthday to remember when you return home.

72. I celebrate the wonderful man you’re becoming every day, and I’m really glad for the opportunity to grow alongside you. Happy birthday, darling.

73. Thank you for all the efforts you make to make sure that our relationship is stronger and better. May this New Year be a fabulous one for you, for us. Happy birthday, sweety. I love you.

74. You’ve been so much for me; you’ve exceeded all my expectations and dreams. Thank you. Happy birthday, sweety. I’m hoping you get back home soon.

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75. I pray that this New Year will be far better than the previous year for you. Happy birthday, darling.

76. And even when you encounter challenges this year, I’ll be here by your side; as you’ve always been for me. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

77. You’re more than a boyfriend to me; you’re so much that I can’t even begin to describe. But thank you for everything. Happy birthday, sweetest.

78. I’m proud to say that you’re my king and that I’m your queen. Happy birthday, love. I miss you though.

79. I can’t wait for you to get back so we can celebrate this birthday together. Happy birthday, wonderful man.

80. Happy birthday to the best man in my life. I sure can’t wait for you to get back.

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81. So much has gone down between us this past year, but I’m grateful for the growth that has come with every experience. Happy birthday, sugar. I know this year will be better for you.

82. You’ve held on to me, even when I gave up on myself. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better man than you. Happy birthday, love. And I sure miss you.

83. I’m actually sad that we can’t spend today together, but my joy supersedes it. I’m hopeful to God that you’ll do great this New Year. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

84. I’m grateful that we still get to love each other, despite the distance and all the problems that have come with it. Happy birthday, boyfriend of life.

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85. I pray that love, joy and many wonderful opportunities would not seize to be your portion this New Year. I love you, darling.

86. I knew we were going to be different; that what we share is going to be different from the regular. And I’m so glad that I get to experience this kind of love in my lifetime. Happy birthday,

87. Sugar. I can’t wait for you to get back.
From now until you get back, your favorite drink will remain in my fridge, in preparation for when you get back.

88. Happy birthday, darling. I love you.
I’ve never stopped loving you, and I won’t start now; even though I don’t like the distance and all. Happy birthday, dear. I know you will shine this year.

89. You have a lot of people rooting for you, and I’m so glad that I’m a part of them. You’re the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. Happy birthday, love.

90. You’ll see that you will do better and achieve more this new year, and you’ll remember that I told you this today. I love you, darling. Happy birthday.

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91. I’m so glad that we still get to love each other, even with the long distance between us. Sweetheart, I pray that all your expectations for this year will all come to pass. Never forget that I believe in you and that I love you so much. Happy birthday.

92. We’ve been through a lot together, and I’m really thankful for all the memories by your side. Happy birthday, boyfriend. I love you.

93. There’s nothing I actually will not do to make sure that you smile always, and I won’t relent this New Year. Happy birthday, boyfriend. I’m actually praying you come home soon.

94. This New Year, I pray that you can actually say that you lived and loved as you should have; I pray that all your efforts and input will be crowned with success. Happy birthday, sweetest.

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95. I look at you, and I’m reminded that love in its purest form can and still exists; you’re proof of it. Happy birthday, my wonderful boyfriend.

96. In your eyes, I feel beautiful and so complete; thank you for making me feel this safe. Happy birthday, dearie.

97. See, I’m patiently waiting to see you again, so I can kiss and remind you of how sweet you are. Happy birthday, gorgeous.

98. I can’t wait for the many wonderful things we’ll do together this new year; I’m actually looking forward to when you’d get back. Happy birthday, love. Be happy and live fully.

99. I’m convinced that you’re the best boyfriend ever; other girls can go and argue with themselves. Well, happy birthday, best boyfriend in the world. I love you plenty.

100. You just wouldn’t know how much I love you, but just know that there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Happy birthday, love.

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101. Even though we’re far away from each other, you’re always on my mind. Happy birthday, dearie.

102. If only you could see yourself as I see you, you wouldn’t ever doubt your place in my heart. Happy birthday, babe. Live long and prosper.

103. I really am grateful that we found each other in this lifetime. I can’t wait for the amazing things we’ll do this new year. Happy birthday, darling.

104. Even long distance won’t stop me from keeping your phone numbers busy today. You’re special to me, and even the respective companies must know this. Happy birthday, love.

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105. See how bright and sunny the day is? Even nature is in agreement that you’ll have an awesome year. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

106. The thought that God is constantly watching you over you while I can’t because of distance, is really comforting. Happy birthday, love. May all your wishes for the New Year come through.

107. This I know, that God will always send helpers to you, even in this New Year that has begun for you. Happy birthday, love of my life.

108. I really am still trying to figure out how I managed to survive those years before you came into my life. But now that I’ve found you, I’m never letting go. Happy birthday, love.

109. When I think about you and all you’ve been for me, I’m proud of my choices in life. Happy birthday, sweety. You would live long for me, for us. I love you.

110. If I had my way, I would leave everything else to come be with you over there; I really have missed you. Happy birthday, sugar. May you not have too many reasons to regret this New Year. I love you.

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111. I really envy your pillow; I wish I could be that close to you on this special day. But happy birthday, love. I know you’ll do amazing things this period.

112. I met you, and you just made falling in love so easy and wonderful. I really do love life with you. Happy birthday, boyfriend of life.

113. If given the chance, I’d opt to spend every second of today by your side; but see us and distance. Happy birthday, dear. We’re definitely going to celebrate this when you get back.

114. I’ll always be grateful to your mum and dad for deciding to have you and grooming you into the wonderful man you are today. Happy birthday, boyfriend. I know this New Year holds amazing things in store for you.

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115. This year, you won’t have any reason to cry and sorrow; you’ll experience joy and fulfillment always. Happy birthday long distanced boyfriend. I love you like mad.

116. Hearing your voice and texting isn’t enough for me, but I understand. Happy birthday, darling. I adore you.

117. I want you to remember that I’ll always put us first; in spite, despite. That’s how special we are to me. Happy birthday, dear.

118. Hearing your voice alone calms my nerves. I really can’t wait for when we’d see again. But before then, happy birthday. I wish you everything good. I love you.

119. I really can’t wait to start our family with you, and I so can’t wait to have you home again. Happy birthday, dear.

120. Happy birthday, love of my life. May this year be as amazing as you’ve imagined it would be. PS, I can’t wait for when I’d wake up beside you every morning; I really miss you.

121. One of my wishes this year is that we get to build more memories together. And I trust that it would happen; along with the other wishes I have for you. Happy birthday, darling.

122. I’m never bailing out on us; even distance and all of its threats isn’t enough. Happy birthday, my sunshine. Live long and healthy.

123. I really can’t wait to hold you in my arms for real. Happy birthday, sugar bunny. Your babe loves you like mad.

Even with the long distance, his special day can still be special. So, keep the texts and calls rolling already. Plus, don’t forget to share this with friends, and to drop your comments. Thank you.

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